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Interim Executive Board Meeting Minutes

Date and Time: Tuesday 22nd April 2014, 5.00PM

Venue: Futures Community College, Southchurch Boulevard

Clerk: Mrs Julie Lapslie Julie.lapslie@blueyonder.co.uk

In Attendance

Stuart Reynolds, John Grover, Dr Paul Hayman, Murray Foster,

Margaret Wilson, Neil Bates, Jane Theadom

Julie Lapslie – Clerk 13/14/40

Apologies for absence

No apologies were received.

13/14/41 Declaration of Interest/Conflict of Interest

No declarations of interest in the agenda were received.

No changes were noted to the business interest forms.

13/14/42 Finance Update

Members thanked Chris Brown for the previously circulated financial reports.

Members were advised that the Asset Register update may be delayed until after August 2014 as the school need to evidence how they are allocating the money provided by the Local Authority in order to support the recovery plan.

The 2013/14 end of year deficit has been adjusted to £135,198 to reflect the actual current position.

New cost centres have been created and the 2014/15 budget is currently being loaded on the system. The report has been consolidated for clear presentation of reports to Senior Staff and the IEB.

Cashflow issues continue and the LA may be required to support this situation in the future.

Is the reduction in the projection for 2015/16 realistic?

The school will start to see an increase in numbers, this is also the time when a number of substantial contracts come to an end, which will reduce costs dramatically.

How secure are we about pupil numbers?

The Local Authority will have data which shows the number of pupils coming through for 2015/16, 2016/17 and 2017/18.

Jane Theadom agreed to put Mike Singleton in touch with Chris Brown in order to discuss this projection in more detail.


Capital costs have not been identified within the 2014/15 budget, £100,000 of the £250,000 allocation has currently been set aside to support premises development. Governors discussed the requirement to be able to assess the ongoing cost of maintaining and updating the building. The current version of the Asset Management Plan does not identify any areas that require immediate attention, however does highlight that a large amount of work needs to be carried out.

There are some areas in school that are not used. This is because they are currently not viable in terms of Health and Safety.

Members discussed the possibility of ‘mothballing’ and producing a timetable in order to only utilise certain parts of the building, whilst pupil numbers remain low.


Jane Theadom agreed to liaise with June Edwards in order to arrange the completion of an Asset Management Plan as a matter of urgency.


Costs have been allocated to support the relocation of IT equipment for the locality team.


Section 106 agreement. Monies have been previously allocated to Futures and Prospects in respect of a potential cycle path. Governors were advised that if the 106 agreement were to be invoked there may be a requirement to pay back monies in the sum of £75,000.


Neil Bates declared a conflict of interest in this item.


NB advised that the planning that was originally applied for in 2008 was subject to a 106 agreement. This was subject to four conditions, (1) public art, the star in the grounds, (2) ‘real time’, bus signage, (3) crossing outside Southchurch Boulevard, (4) Cycleway.

The public art and ‘real time’ payments were made in 2008. The crossing was only completed recently, the payment made was £75,000 and the actual cost was £37,500, resulting in a reimbursement due to Futures. The cycleway contribution was not paid as an issue was identified in respect of the potential removal of trees and objections from residents.

The LA have subsequently identified a scheme linking the station to the school.

There is now an obligation from the LA to demonstrate the requirement for the cycleway. The new scheme is simpler so may also result in a potential cost saving. NB advised that Prospects would be willing to work with the school in respect of this potential loss.

Jane Theadom agreed to liaise with Joe Chersteron, Local Authority, to clarify the situation.


Governors requested that Jane Theadom investigate the possibility of a ‘loan’ from the Local Authority, in order for the school to purchase a bio-mass green boiler, and subsequently save substantial monies in the future.


Governors discussed that, in the absence of a Finance Committee, there is no formally allocated responsible officer.

Governors unanimously agreed that an external audit should be carried out on a yearly basis.

Margaret Wilson agreed to liaise with Chris Brown, following the meeting, in respect of securing the services of an independent bursar to carry out a quarterly scheduled visit.


Members unanimously agreed that, in view of the experience of the Board, they would not subscribe to either Southend or Essex Governor Services for the duration of the IEB.


Threshold applications

Members unanimously delegated approval of the threshold applications to Dr Paul Hayman and Stuart Reynolds.


Members unanimously delegated approval of all support staff threshold applications to Dr Paul Hayman and Stuart Reynolds.


Support staff have been formally notified that they are part of the Performance Related Pay progression process.

Five Year Budget Recovery Plan

Members confirmed receipt of the previously circulated documentation.

The percentage for staffing (70%) within the plan was noted as low and unsustainable as the school grows, and requires over-staffing in some subject areas in order to accelerate improvement. Jane Theadom agreed to arrange for Joe Chesteron and Chris Brown to meet in order to discuss this further.


Chris Brown left the meeting at 17.45PM.

13/14/43 Minutes of the Previous Meeting

The minutes and confidential minutes from the meeting held on the 10th March 2014 were signed as a true and correct record.

13/14/44 Matters Arising

13/14/31 Phil Warner has emailed all members to advise that central funding was not available in respect of asbestos removal.

13/14/06 Phil Warner circulated information identifying feeder schools.

13/14/17 Neil Bates is to check the single central record during next visit. The register was checked during the recent OFSTED inspection.

Members were advised that the Local Authority have commissioned an auditor for the Personnel Files in order to ensure that the school is compliant. A report is to be provided to members at the next meeting.


13/14/35 Stuart Reynolds is to provide a report demonstrating the impact of the Leap Programme at the next meeting.


13/14/35 John Grover is to provide an IEB update in the next edition of the school’s newsletter.


Jane Theadom agreed to liaise with Adam Keating, LA, in order for a profile of the new Leadership Team for publication in the Evening Echo.


13/14/45 Headteacher’s Report

Members confirmed receipt of the previously circulated Headteacher’s report.

The following points were noted and discussed:

- The strike day had a negative impact on attendance in year 11.

- Attendance data is to be validated, following a change in staffing arrangements.

Are you planning to do anything specific around examination periods in terms of attendance?

The school is able to start exams slightly later, within the rules of the examinations board. This allows for a late start, if required, of 30 minutes. A ‘roll call’ is to be carried out during breakfast club. Breakfast club is being provided in order for students to carry out revision.

Do children get anything for attendance?

Yes, there is a reward system in place. The best tutor group is awarded in assembly. The school has recently taken on some students who were previously poor attendees from other schools.

Members requested that future attendance data be produced, minus the mid-year admissions, in order to make comparisons and ascertain if attendance initiatives were effective.


Members requested a rolling average be produced, as well as current data.


Members noted the reported exclusion data and the improvement based on last year’s figures.

Why do you think the figures relating to physical assault are still high?

The school are ensuring all incidents are recorded. Feedback from students indicates that they consider that incidents are now being dealt with.

Is this particular children or recurring incidents?

This relates to particular children.

Members requested that qualitative information be compiled in order to ascertain the impact of the new approach to behaviour management. The data is to be analysed further in order to ascertain how many incidents are recurring.


Members discussed the possible compilation of a pupil perception survey in order to benchmark viewpoints. Jane Theadom agreed to liaise with Jenny Naish, Children’s Partnership Manager in order to assist with the compilation and assessment of a survey.


13/14/46 Personnel

Please see Pink Paper item.

13/14/47 Chairs Action

The Financial Regulations were signed under Chair’s action.

13/14/48 OFSTED Update

To be discussed at the offsite on the 26th April 2014. The report is to be published on the 30th April 2014.

13/14/49 School Development Plan and potential offsite on the 26th April 2014.

Members of the Senior Leadership Team will be in place between 9am and 5pm.


The IEB are to attend for the morning session only in order to set the strategy with the SLT.

Chris Cheswright will be in attendance to ensure that the Local Authority Statement of Action aligns with the school’s OFSTED action plans.

Stuart Reynolds is to produce an ‘agenda’ for the day outlining the purpose of the day, the role of the IEB, SLT and staff feedback.

IEB members are to meet prior to 9am in order to develop a vision and then work with the SLT on the strategy required to deliver this. Members discussed the importance of developing a practical vision for the school.

Members discussed the requirement to have the FFT analysis for three and four level progress predictions prior to the 26th April 2014, in order to be able to set the strategic direction.

The documents produced in relation to teacher impact are to be circulated prior to the event, as well as a copy of the draft OFSTED report.


The school development plan will be produced in the afternoon.

John Grover is to be in attendance all day.

Margaret Wilson left the meeting at 7.05PM.

13/14/50 Pupil Progress

Standardised assessments are to take place w.c. 28th April 2014.


Members were advised that 27% of students achieved 5 or more A*-C GCSE’s last year. A large variance on this figure is not anticipated for 2014/15.

SIMS is to be in place after half term, this will allow the data to be analysed on a more frequent basis and be more transparent.

Members unanimously agreed that the IEB needs to log a position statement about the school’s future at the next meeting.

13/14/51 Targets

IEB targets are to be linked to the School/OFSTED action Plan.


These will be discussed in more detail on the 26th April 2014.

13/14/52 Any Other Business

Members were read a letter received from David Laws MP.

Stuart Reynolds is to reply to this letter on behalf of the IEB and school.


13/14/53 Feedback from areas of Responsibilities

Murray Foster/John Grover  - Completion of SFVS  - Meeting with LA re finance/budget

John Grover Staff meeting  - Year 7 assembly - evidenced rewards for good behaviour and attendance.

Murray Foster/ John Grover/ Paul Hayman - Headteacher Interviews

Murray Foster/ John Grover/ Paul Hayman - OFSTED inspection

13/14/54 Personnel Update

A staff disciplinary meeting has taken place.

13/14/55 Academy Status

Members noted the requirement to continue to investigate potential opportunities for the school in the future.

13/14/56 Policies for Ratification

All policies were unanimously adopted by members of the IEB. These policies have now been consulted with staff.

Members unanimously ratified approval of the Financial Regulations.


13/14/57 Dates and times of Next Meeting

5th June 2014 5.00PM

7th July 2014 5.00PM

There being no further business the meeting ended at 7.30PM