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1st September: Behaviour Management at Southchurch High School

This was a session focused on both rewards and sanctions and acted as a refresher for existing staff and a guideline for new staff.


1st September: Safeguarding Children in Education


 2nd September 2016: Accelerated Learning

All staff were coached in the principles of Accelerated Learning and considered how to make an RI (3c) lesson ‘good’. AFL techniques were used to show progress and staff considered the effectiveness of them and ways in which they could further be employed. Staff were informed that these techniques must play an integral part in their SoL as they are being updated.

A staff survey was carried out and responses to the CPD were:     

“The inset felt very worthwhile.”

“I like the sense of purpose Ms Murray communicates.”

“The group work for Accelerated Learning was an excellent idea to engage people.”

2nd September 2016: Assessment

This was a refresher session in place for the new academic year and more importantly, for the imminent AP drop. Staff were reminded of the new assessment system based on grades 9-1 and the need for cumulative, blind testing in line with rigorous grade criteria was reiterated. All grade criteria produced has been assessed for effectiveness and MOF has received copies of all AP tests for inspection.

21st September 2016: Random Questioning and ‘No Opt Out’

This inset responded to the need for more challenge and pace in lessons and the objective was to boost the participation ratio in lessons. Challenges were discussed and solutions offered in the form of techniques which staff could employ.

Staff completed a personal action plan stating which techniques they would use and this information has been collated and will form the basis for learning walks in Half Term 2.

3rd October 2016 - DIRT

This was a refresher session on DIRT marking and also introduced the idea of increasing impact with feedback and ‘working clever rather than working harder’.

Staff compiled a list of effective feedback techniques which responded to both objectives and these have been collated in a similar fashion to ‘Random Questioning’ and will form the basis for learning walks and observations in Half Term 2.

9th October 2016: Resilience and Challenge – Taking No-Opt-Out Further

20th October: SEND in Schools

This was a session focused on the following areas: