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Interim Executive Board Meeting Minutes

Date and Time: Monday 7th July 2014, 4.30PM

Venue: Futures Community College, Southchurch Boulevard

Clerk: Mrs Julie Lapslie

In Attendance

Stuart Reynolds, John Grover, Dr Paul Hayman (arrived 5.20PM), Murray Foster (arrived 5.20PM), Margaret Wilson, Neil Bates, Jane Theadom, Julie Lapslie – Clerk

Demonstrates challenge

13/14/76 Apologies For Absence

Dr Paul Hayman and Murray Foster were expected at the meeting later.

13/14/77 Declaration of Interest/Conflict of Interest

No declarations of interest in the agenda were received.

No changes were noted to the Business Interest Forms.

13/14/78 Minutes of the Previous Meeting

The minutes of the meeting dated 5th June 2014 last were signed as a true and correct record.

13/14/79 Matters Arising


13/14/62 This action has been followed up by Jane Theadom.

Members were advised that a suggestion to set up an attendance competition between Futures and Chase has been proposed by the attendance officer. Members unanimously agreed that any competitions should be held internally between year and tutor groups only.

13/14/43 A meeting took place on 1st July, attended by the LA, funding agency, Prospects, Stuart Reynolds and Chris Brown to discuss the future direction and potential implications for both organisations, Futures and Prospects. A further meeting to discuss the immediate accommodation around shared usage is scheduled to take place on the 8th July 2014.

Uncertainty was voiced around the freehold of the 23 acre site. 6.9 acres are held as freehold by Prospects, the balance was originally vested into the Futures Community Trust. The Trust continues to exist in name, however this has been replaced by the IEB. Members discussed that the land will need to be transferred, in name, to a successor organisation.

Members were informed that there is a Heads of Terms agreement, with rights of easement but no formal Service Legal Agreement in existence. Agreements including dual usage, shared access, use of playing fields and reciprocal rights were agreed in 2009 and the LA and Prospects have access to all documents.

This matter is to be discussed later in the meeting when discussing potential Academy Conversion.

13/14/45 Work on the perception survey has commenced with Jenny Naish.

13/14/70 Members agreed that Jane Theadom would arrange for Alison Francis to visit the school in order to review Safeguarding procedures between both organisations, and to determine how to move forward in order to ensure that appropriate supervision methods are in place. Information will be fed back to IEB members at the September meeting. Members noted that Prospects students have a separate entrance into their building.



13/14/62 Stuart Reynolds held a formal meeting and challenged the individual in respect of the data produced for IEB members in respect of pupil’s progress. SISRA training is scheduled to take place for the Leadership Team. Baseline data is being collected for the whole school in order for progress to be monitored effectively. Members were advised that it had been acknowledged that there was an error in the data presented.

Data for three and four levels progress is provided within the Headteacher’s report.

Data outlining the teaching commitments has been included within the Headteacher’s report.

All books now have ‘comfort’ and ‘challenge; sticker grades on them, based on KS2 data.

Members who have visited the school have confirmed the improved atmosphere.

13/14/69 Members are to be linked to departments, as detailed within the Headteacher’s report and listed below:

13/14/72 Medical statement information has been provided to Stuart Reynolds.

13/14/80 Headteacher’s Report

Members confirmed receipt of the previously circulated Headteacher’s report.

Annotated highlights have been added to the report, as requested.

The main points of discussion and challenge were noted as follows:


Dr Paul Hayman and Murray Foster joined the meeting at 5.20pm.

- Tabbi Hudson has been working on a programme to develop middle leaders. A formal programme is being prepared for next year.

Do IEB members need to undertake FFT training?

SISRA is a programme that will produce the data in a format that is easily understood and works on baseline data.

Members requested training on how to understand SISRA in order to be able to hold the Headteacher to account.


Is the training from Tabbi compulsory?

It is compulsory for middle leaders, the training is also being opened for other staff to participate in.

What kind of feedback are you getting in respect of the quality from participants?

The training has been monitored by the Headteacher. Members were informed that staff are being held to account within the sessions.

Members noted that scheme of learning templates could be requested within future monitoring visits.

Lesson Observations

Members were informed that the annual average has been calculated from all observations. The LA review was based on a small number of participants. This figure also includes supply teachers.

Has the quality of teaching declined or is it improving?

Summer observations have taken place over the past six weeks. The annual observations are based on observations since September 2013. The figure reported is based on an ‘average’ of all observations.

Members requested that the report be prepared, going forward, with and without supply teachers in order to be able to monitor this as a measure of progress.


Middle leaders in core subjects will take observations, in areas where the judgement is poor an outside judgement will be sought.

Members noted that drop ins can be carried out, if evidence has raised concerns.

Members expressed concern that the way statistics are presented do not support the judgement that teaching and learning is improving.

Members were advised that every teacher is being observed at least once a term, they are also required to provide evidence of planning.

When you have the benchmark established for the start of term will you be able to report progress and the quality of teaching to members?

Yes, all systems will be in place in order to report this.

Members noted that due to the lack of consistent data it would be difficult to demonstrate improvement and the first Autumn term data could evidence a decrease in the quality of teaching.

Members were informed that there will also be new staff in place for the Autumn staff, which will have a positive impact on these figures.

Members discussed that the negative data reported may also be caused by the judgements requiring consistent lesson observations ie 1 requires all observations to be outstanding, 2 requires good or better on every observation.

Members requested ‘raw’ data of how many lessons have been judged good and outstanding to be presented in the 2014 Autumn term.




Would poor marking affect the teachers overall grading?

Yes, teaching, progress and marking need to be good to obtain a good grading.

Members were advised that if children are not making progress teaching and learning cannot be judged good.

How many Assistant Heads will be in post in September?

2, one focussing on Teaching & Learning and one focussing on Pastoral.

13/14/81 Section 8 OFSTED Visit Feedback

Members were provided with a copy of the draft letter issued following the recent HMI Inspection.


Jane Theadom has contacted the HMI Inspector in order to gain further feedback around the LA Action Plan.

When students were interviewed they were clear on the improvements being made and stated that they felt the school was moving in the right direction.

Students identified that the school had dealt with punctuality but were aware there were still issues around attendance. These issues have been made clear to students in assemblies.

Members discussed the key issue related to the sixth form, the whole school would be judged inadequate if only one course if being run, and the school is unable to run courses with breadth and depth.

Members were advised that a decision on the sixth form would need to be made by October/November 2014. The school requires clarity from Prospects in terms of the shared space in order to move forward. Neil Warren, Prospects, has made it clear what can be offered for the next two years, however, in terms of planning for a sixth form, a commitment of 5/6 years is required.

Members noted the requirement to review the opportunities for the sixth form and investigate potential partnership options with external providers.

Prospects is now a separate legal entity. If the sixth form were to be judged inadequate this would result in an inadequate judgement for the whole school.

Members discussed that a sixth form provision could work if there was a co-ordinated offer.

How many hours is the health and beauty course?

It is for 16 hours a week. The school will also be judged on the progress success in English and maths.

Members discussed the requirement for the potential recruitment and development of staff to be able to teach at POST 16 level, going forward. Members agreed that students should always be encouraged to undertake the correct courses for their future education and employment.


Members were advised that there are 400+ apprenticeships available at Prospects college, which students could be encouraged to apply for.

Members noted that the final decision for the discontinuation of the sixth form would need to be taken through an official process, this could result in the school becoming an 11-16 designation school.

Members requested a choices paper be prepared for discussion at the next meeting of the IEB meeting in September, in order to consider and discuss further the sixth form provision.


Members congratulated Stuart Reynolds and the SLT on the progress to date, that has been identified with in the report.

The report cannot be shared until officially published. Members were advised that the school is to invite the Echo to the school to meet with the prefects and highlight the positive report.

Jane Theadom agreed to liaise with HMI in order to ascertain the proposed publication date of this report.

Members noted the Review of Governance recommendation within the report in order to review what Governance is achieving in terms of impact and effectiveness. The review of Governance uses a framework of 9 areas. Jane Theadom confirmed that the LA would pay for this review.


13/14/82 Chairs Action


13/14/83 Finance Update

Chris Brown joined the meeting at 6:20PM

Members confirmed receipt of the previously circulated papers.

The following points were noted:

Members noted that the number of students taking FSM is low. Students are not allowed offsite during lunchtime. Sandwiches are available but uptake is also very low. It is believed the low uptake of FSM is due to the provision and not stigma. The catering company are to provide a weekly review meeting going forward, this was part of the original contract but has not been undertaken.


Neil Bates agreed to investigate this further, as Safeguarding Governor, in order to ensure that children entitled to FSM are receiving the appropriate food provision, as this could have implications on behaviour and engagement.

Neil Bates is to attend a safeguarding meeting with Wendy and Ray and will question the process further.


Tabbi and Jenny Naish have worked on the student questionnaire to be circulated in the Autumn term.

Catering Provision

Members confirmed receipt of the options outlined in terms of in house catering. These options are being investigated due to the development and expansion of Prospects College. The Asset Management Plan survey is to be carried out in the first week of the holidays which will provide an indication of costs and priorities. A full cost breakdown is to be provided to members at the first meeting of the Autumn Term.


Chris Brown is to obtain further information in respect of obtaining a potential lottery bid for these works.

Student Numbers

The reduced student numbers will have a substantial negative impact on this year’s budget and the five year plan.

Members were informed that the school is not contacted by the new Secondary School if a child applies to move there.

Stuart Reynolds advised that he is putting a programme in place in order to work with Primary Schools, building relationships with their Headteacher’s and parents and will use a small amount of overstaffing in order to develop trust and raise the profile of the school further.

Supply Staff

The utilisation of supply staff is being monitored. New cover arrangements will result in a reduction of supply usage. Supply will be used in long term cover situations only.


There is currently one vacancy for a Business Studies teacher, there are two candidates for this post.

16 staff have been recruited this term.

The school will be fully staffed in September 2014.


This continues to be monitored closely.


The current percentage splits and arrangements with Propsects have a negative impact on the budget. As the building usage is reviewed the charges will be addressed.


The movement to the bungalow has been delayed. Updata are assisting with this currently.

Responsible Officer

Katrina, King John School is to meet with Chris Brown on a regular basis as the designated responsible officer.

Chris Brown left the meeting.

13/14/84 Feedback from areas of Responsibilities

Members confirmed the following visits to the school since 5th June 2014.

John Grover

Meeting with Stuart Reynolds on 13th June 2014

Meeting with DFE on 20th June 2014

Meeting with HMI on 25th June 2014

Visit to Hairspray Production.

Head Boy and Head Girl Interviews.

John Grover, Stuart Reynolds and the Head of Year 10 interviewed 15 students for the role of Head Boy and Girl and Deputy Head Boy and Girl. Following the process individual letters were written to the students involved in the interviews and additional roles such as student councillor and Prom representative have also been allocated. Following this process, it is planned that interview practices are to be set up for students in year 11 next year.

Members were updated in terms of the high calibre of candidates that had been interviewed.

John Grover stated that during the visits to the school there had been a visible improvement in behaviour with only one child out of class, with a pass, during his two visits.

Neil Bates

Dates are diarised to meet with Wendy and Ray in order to discuss Safeguarding. A formal agenda is to be prepared for future meetings. Heads of Year and appropriate parties are to be invited to future meetings. The next meeting is scheduled to take place on the 15th July 2014.

Murray Foster

Finance visits have been undertaken.

Dr Paul Hayman

Continues to visit weekly and participated in the HMI Inspection.

Margaret Wilson

Continues to liaise and support Stuart Reynolds on a regular basis and monitor data.

13/14/85 Academy Status

Members were invited to vote on the following proposal:

“The IEB of Futures Community College resolves to apply to the Secretary of State to become a sponsored academy”

The DFE have indicated that if the IEB were to vote now the choosing of the sponsor would be carried out by the end of the Autumn term with a provisional conversion date of Easter 2015.

Members proposed to defer this vote based on due diligence around the current lack of clarity.

The factors discussed include the uncertainty of the sixth form and the option that the school may only provide a 11-16 provision going forward. The site / land allocation and legal implications are also unclear at the current time.

OFSTED have also requested a Governance Review to be carried out.

Members unanimously supported the need for the establishment of a long term stable Governance in order to support the leadership of the school.

Members unanimously ratified to defer this vote until further clarity is obtained around these issues.


13/14/86 Policies for Ratification

A number of policies are to be circulated for ratification at the next meeting of the IEB, these will include the Safeguarding Policy.


13/14/87 Stakeholder Communication

Communication is to be made with parents in respect of the HMI Inspection, when published.

13/14/88 Any Other Business

Strike action

Members were informed that a maths and English study day is to be held for years 9 and 10 on Thursday 10th July 2014.

The school is to be closed to years 7 and 8 on this date.

Communication is to be made to parents as soon as possible.


13/14/89 Dates and times of Next Meeting

21st August 2014 4.00PM

15th September 2014 4.30PM

There being no further business the meeting ended at 7.15PM.