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Interim Executive Board Meeting Minutes

Date and Time: Monday 10th March 2014, 5.00PM

Venue: Futures Community College, Southchurch Boulevard

Clerk: Mrs Julie Lapslie Julie.lapslie@blueyonder.co.uk

In attendance

John Grover, Chair (JG) Stuart Reynolds, Headteacher (SR) Dr Paul Hayman (PH)

Murray Foster (MF) Margaret Wilson (MW) Phil Warner (PW)


Neil Bates (NB) Jane Theadom (JT) Julie Lapslie - Clerk


Chris Brown – Observer

13/14/28 Apologies for Absence

Apologies were received from Neil Bates and Jane Theadom.

Phil Warner will be attending future meetings of the IEB on behalf of Jane Theadom.

Members accepted the apologies.

13/14/29 Declaration of Interest/Conflict of Interest

No declarations of interest in the agenda were received.

No changes were noted to the business interest forms.

13/14/30 Any Other Business.


13/14/31 Finance Update

Financial Regulations

Following distribution of the recommended Financial Expenditure Limits outlined within the Financial Regulations, members unanimously ratified approval of the Headteacher’s expenditure limit to £10,000. Terminology relating to the Finance Committee and Full Governing Body is to be amended within the Regulations, and amended to ‘IEB’. Members ratified these changes unanimously. Chris Brown is to amend the Financial Regulations and members agreed that these would be signed under Chairs Action.


Members confirmed receipt of the previously circulated draft 2014/15 figure and five year financial plan.

2014/15 Budget

John Grover and Murray Foster have met with Stuart Reynolds and Chris Brown in order to review the budget, on behalf of the IEB, in detail. The proposed carry forward deficit is -£168,958 for 2014/15.


Members discussed the draft budget as follows:

A query was raised, via email, by a Member of the IEB in terms of the low percentage of staffing costs (63%)

Members were advised that this figure does not include non teaching staff salary costs. In addition the school does not employ its own catering and cleaning staff.

Members were advised that pupil premium is accounted for separately within the budget.

The school currently pays 50% towards the costs of the upper building. Chris Brown has carried out a great deal of work ascertaining the utilisation of floor space and percentage splits on specific areas. This may be negotiated further at a later stage.

Why is the science budget higher for science than maths and English?

Science has a particular need to upgrade equipment.

Hair and Beauty – why are the school spending £155,000 on a contract then more on materials (approx £7,000)?

The school needs to promote the use of models in order to generate income from this facility. The school has not yet been able to negotiate late access to these facilities, as they would be liable to pay hire costs.

With the introduction of the new GCSE’s, departments will need more books, what money will be reserved for Curriculum Development?

£10,000 has been reserved, additional monies will be allocated during the year.

Members thanked Chris Brown for the comprehensive budget presented and level of detail provided.

Five Year Budget Plan

The five year budget plan has been prepared utilising the Southend Budget calculator, Members noted the figures as follows:

For a school in deficit budget, how does this work in terms of paying day to day bills?

The Local Authority will support the school, in order for all payments to be made, provided that the school has not incurred additional costs upon themselves. Chris Brown has held discussions with Andrew Ward. The Local Authority recognise the school’s financial situation. Andrew Ward, from the Local Authority, has asked the school to prepare a 12 month cashflow forecast Cashflow is monitored on a weekly basis.


Premises Development Plan

A five year premises development plan has been prepared in conjunction with the premises staff. Any urgent maintenance issues will be addressed within the annual maintenance plan. The AMP (Annual Maintenance Plan) is to be presented in April 2014, there are currently issues around the roofing, drainage and the potential kitchen replacement.

Members requested clarification from the Local Authority in respect of procedures relating to asbestos removal in areas adjacent to pupil movements.


Marketing costs have been increased in order for the school to be more proactive in this area. Monies have also been allocated for external recruitment advertisements.

Members unanimously ratified approval of the proposed 2014/15 budget plan, Premises Development Plan and 5 Year action plan.


13/14/32 Pink Paper 1 - Staff Consultation

Members thanked Chris Brown for his work. Chris Brown left the meeting.


13/14/33 Minutes of the Previous Meeting

The minutes of the meeting dated 12th February 2014 were signed as a true and correct record.

13/14/34 Matters Arising

13/14/04 Terms of Reference have been ratified and circulated.

13/14/06 Phil Warner has met with Ian McFee and Sandra Bingham in terms of numbers of statemented children in the school. It is considered that there is no difference in these numbers in terms of applications to other schools.

Members stated concern that 40% of students joined the school on school action plus. Funding is not available for students registered as school action or school action plus.

Members requested documentation to be circulated, from the Local Authority, outlining the number of students on school action and school action plus to Chase High, Cecil Jones and Futures.

Members requested additional documentation outlining which feeder schools students are joining from.


13/14/06 Nicky Lamonte, Local Authority, is currently preparing documentation outlining the utilisation of pupil premium within the borough.

13/14/16 The meeting of the Discipline Panel took place on the 24th February 2014. The permanent exclusion was upheld

13/14/16 Teacher Recruitment. The Local Authority are to negotiate funding to support recruitment within the school. A Local Authority campaign is being run through the Times Education Supplement, and the possibility of a relocation package is to be discussed. The school is currently looking to recruit 3 maths, 2 science and 1 MFL teacher. Stuart Reynolds agreed to liaise with Margaret Wilson, following the meeting, in respect of potential recruitment opportunities been investigated by King John.



13/14/17 Members confirmed receipt of the previously circulated feedback in respect of Safeguarding discussions undertaken on the 12th February 2014.

Members were advised that Child Protection files are securely locked away.

Members have observed, and were informed, that the school is ‘calming down’ and the general atmosphere has improved, there are also clear signs of active learning taking place.

Members requested that Neil Bates check the Single Central Record as part of his Safeguarding role.


13/14/17 Further discussions are to take place in respect of the school’s potential utilisation of the bungalow. Members noted that no rent is received for the use of this building, utilities are paid separately.

13/14/18 A meeting to discuss funding support from the Local Authority is scheduled to take place on the 18th March 2014.

13/14/18 The three and five year action plans have been updated, circulated and discussed.

13/14/18 Financial Regulations are to be updated and will be ratified under Chairs Action.

13/14/21 Headteacher Recruitment – Please see Pink Paper item 2.

13/14/35 Headteacher’s Report

Members confirmed receipt of the Headteacher’s report.

The main points of discussion were recorded as follows:


- The incident that took place at Prospects College on 11th February 2014 had a detrimental effect on the attendance figures in school for

the rest of that week.

- Following a Teaching and Learning Review the teaching average judgements were noted:

4% Outstanding

42% Good

49% Requires Improvement

5% Inadequate

The number of inadequate lessons has reduced from 14% following the OFSTED inspection and previous review.

Members recorded concern that previous observation outcomes may not have been accurately recorded.

- Further ‘paired-up’ observations have been arranged for staff who have been judged as ‘Requires Improvement’. Of the two lessons

re-observed to date one was judged as a secure good and one a secure outstanding.

- Twilight sessions, and 5 minutes of every briefing session are directed to focus on Teaching and Learning.

- Exclusions. There have been 44 exclusions in 39 days, a number of half day exclusions are being carried out, these are having a positive


- Recruitment. Ray Lawrence and Tabitha Hudson have been recruited as Deputy Headteacher’s. Sarai French has been recruited as Head

of English. The school are awaiting confirmation of additional appointments.

- The Curriculum Plus Supervisor has resigned and will be leaving on the 14th March 2014.

- There are 53 student places available in year 7 for 2014/15.

- The Leap Programme has had a positive impact – a further breakdown on this impact is to be provided to members.


- The school has produced, and distributed, a newsletter. Members of the IEB are to provide an update to be included in the next edition of

this letter.


- Members were circulated examples of reward cards that are being issued to students.

13/14/36 Academy Status

The school is not actively pursuing Academy Status at this time, however continues to update themselves on any developments, as appropriate.

13/14/37 Chairs Action


13/14/38 Targets

To be discussed further at the next meeting of the IEB.


13/14/38 Staff Disciplinary Panel

Pink Paper Item 3

13/14/39 Dates and times of Next Meeting

22nd April 2014 5.00PM

5th June 2014 5.00PM

7th July 2014 5.00PM

There being no further business the meeting ended at 8.20PM.