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Head Girl and Boy Selection Information

The Head Boy and Head Girl applicants prepared a manifesto to deliver in front of a panel of four people; one Head of Year, one Student Support Manager, one Student Leadership member and a member of the Senior Leadership Team. There were 8 applicants and 5 were allocated a role.

Megan - Head girl, her idea relates to promoting the transition between primary and secondary schools. Megan would like to start a process called ‘Primary Pals’. The idea is that prefects write to the current Year 6's who are going to attend this school and explain what it is like, what the school is doing, what changes we have gone through and what they can expect when they come. When they arrive the prefects will meet with them and be their friend.

Petrina - Deputy Head Girl, her idea was focused on points identified by the latest OFSTED report; students being independent learners; she wants to look at the provision for cover. Ideally, she would like a member of staff in the same curriculum area to cover if another member of staff is absent from school. Where students have to have a cover teacher, we ensure that all consequences are fully followed.

Casey - Senior Prefect, her idea was focused on the OFSTED report around independent learners, she wants to look at provision for an after school club that would be manned by students for interventions. The idea would be that it would be held in the hub and students could drop in and get help from their peers.

Luke - Head Boy, his idea was called 'Speak Up' he thinks that students are not always comfortable sharing their ideas with others in the classroom, particularly with students who are not their friends. Luke's idea is that in every subject in the last lesson of that week, teachers will put students together with ones they don't normally speak with and they will share what they have learnt that week.

Khai - Deputy Head Boy, his idea is to introduce a Peer Support Programme (PSP) around learning. Students are to support the learning of others through peer learning. Pay it forward, giving back to students who need support through an intervention programme. He also wants to look at the rewards given and improving them.