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Interim Executive Board Meeting Minutes

Date and Time: Monday 15 September 2014, 4.30PM

Venue: Futures Community College, Southchurch Boulevard

Clerk: Mrs Julie Lapslie Julie.lapslie@blueyonder.co.uk

In Attendance

Stuart Reynolds, John Grover, Dr Paul Hayman, Murray Foster, Neil Bates (arrived 5.05PM), Jane Theadom, Julie Lapslie – Clerk

Demonstrates challenge

01/2015 Apologies for absence

No apologies were received.

Neil Bates was expected at the meeting later.

02/2015 Membership

Members formally accepted the resignation of Margaret Wilson from the IEB.

03/2015 Declarations of Interest

No declarations of interest in the agenda were received.

Members were invited to complete new Business Interest Register forms.

04/2015 Any Other Business

Stuart Reynolds, Jane Theadom, John Grover, Dr Hayman and Neil Bates met on the 21st August 2014 in order to discuss the GCSE results in detail. Apologies were received from Murray Foster and Margaret Wilson for this meeting. The meeting lasted for 1.5 hours.

05/2015 Financial and Premises Report

Governors confirmed receipt of the previously circulated financial report.

The following points were noted:


The survey will highlight the costs of all works required in order to bring the school up to a satisfactory standard. Verbal feedback confirmed that the school is in a poor state of repair.

Neil Bates joined the meeting at 5.05PM.

How will you bridge the gap?

The school are working around some advance payments of pupil premium. There are a number of proposals to take to the schools forum.

Members queried the low percentage of staffing costs reported (approximately 20% below the DFE model). Members accepted that 5% of these costs were within premises but queried as to the remaining 15%. Members were informed that this figure is included within learning resources.

Is the amount being spent on the sixth form teaching greater than the predicted income?

The school does not pay for the staffing for the 70 sixth formers, this is re-charged by Prospects.

What is the risk in the five year plan?

The biggest risk is pupil numbers, the sixth form is cost neutral. There is further risk if savings are not made in the use of the Upper College and if the school were to stop using the Upper College they would need to spend capital that is not available.

Members were advised of confidential staffing item that is being dealt with by HR services. Members requested that the school seek independent legal advice. Stuart Reynolds agreed to liaise with members of the IEB in respect of this situation.


Chris Brown left the meeting at 5.40PM.

06/2015 Minutes of the Previous meeting

The minutes of the meeting dated 7th July 2014 were signed as a true and correct record.

07/2015 Matters Arising

13/14/70 Jane Theadom has liaised with Laurence Doe. A visit to the school is to be arranged.


13/14/62 SISRA Governor training is to take place at the beginning of the next IEB meeting.


13/14/81 Stuart Reynolds agreed to circulate a sixth form choices paper to members.

The options are: no sixth form provision, stand alone sixth form or shared provision with other schools.

The current provision within the sixth form could prevent the school from becoming outstanding.

How would you ensure that all of the current year 11 students have an identifiable pathway to aim towards? Do you have the capacity and resources to do this?

The numbers within the sixth form are extremely low, the school is only successfully offering a hair and beauty course.

Members of the IEB requested a breakdown of the proposed destinations of every current Year 11 student, to demonstrate where they were going to move onto, in order to provide reassurance should the facility cease. This information should also demonstrate that each student has been consulted with and has taken part with the survey.


Stuart Reynolds advised members of the IEB that Senior Members of staff would meet with students to talk about their options and pathways to the next point of their education, including outlining what they may need for A Level or vocational courses.

Members recognised that the sixth form provision had been identified as a weakness during the last OFSTED inspection.

Members agreed that they would support the option of no sixth form, subject to confirmation that every year 11 student has a future plan/pathway identified.

Stuart Reynolds informed IEB Members that Connexions had been available on results day. Going forward this service is to be made available to students prior to this time.


13/14/83 Neil Bates has attended a Safeguarding meeting with Ray and Wendy and discussed the low uptake of free school meals. This will be incorporated into the monthly safeguarding meetings. These now have a formal agenda and this includes, the OFSTED action plan, bullying log, sexual health, free school meals, looked after children and vulnerable children. Policies are also discussed, as required. 62.5% of eligible students are currently taking free school meals. Chris Brown is liaising with the caterers to review the current offer in order to increase the figures further.

Are they identifiable?

No students in receipt of FSM are identifiable. Students in receipt of FSM are not identifiable to other students due to the fingerprint scanning method.

13/14/81 Review of Governance. John Grover agreed to contact Jane Theadom in order to arrange the Governance Review.


Jane Theadom left the meeting at 6.00PM.

07/2015 Headteacher’s Report

Members were provided with a verbal update:

If staff are struggling within classes what do we do to address this?

If there are difficulties with specific students they are removed from class and gradually reintegrated in order to give the teacher the opportunity to get on top of the situation. If this becomes more of an issue then sanctions are put in place, and students are ultimately required to use curriculum plus.

What is the FFT figure?

55%, this is assuming 100% of children make three levels progress.

How secure is the data?

It is becoming more secure and the SLT are building up rigour, there is a weakness of standardisation. A majority of the Heads of Department are re-assessing students.

08/2015 LA Action Plan

Stuart Reynolds and Chris Cheswright continue to work on this together. The action plan is being adjusted in order to be in line with the school action plan and will contain detailed costings.

09/2015 School Action Plan

No further updates are available following the last meeting.

10/2015 Academy Status

Members noted that the Local Authority have met with the DFE in respect of academisation. No further updates are available.

Members requested that a list of approved Academy Sponsors be made available at the next meeting.


11/2015 Chairs Action


12/2015 Feedback from areas of Responsibilities

Murray Foster met with Chris Brown – finance and personnel were discussed.

Dr Hayman continues to visit the school on a regular basis – there is a noticeable improved atmosphere around the school. A vast majority of students are engaged in lessons and appropriate behaviours are being displayed. A number of pupils have voluntarily undertaken to wear the new uniform. Approximately 80% of pupils are now wearing a blazer and tie.

Members discussed the requirement to monitor the uptake of the school uniform.

Members agreed that from 2015 new year 7 would be required to wear the new uniform only.


13/2015 Policies for Ratification

Governors ratified the following, previously circulated, policies.

Sex and Relationship Education

Health and Safety (including Accident Recording and Reporting, Display Screen Equipment, First Aid, Health and Safety Induction, Health and Safety, Risk Assessment guide)

Pay and Pay Appeals Terms of Reference


The following policies are to be circulated and, subject to approval by all IEB members, and ratified under Chairs Action:

Charging and remissions

Child Protection


14/2015 Stakeholder Communication

Positive communication has been received from a parent.

A letter was sent to all parents and students at the end of last term outlining the school’s expectations.

Students may possibly start running a newspaper this term.

The pastoral team are to identify a charity to support each term throughout the year.

The school will not be participating in Genes for Jeans day on Friday 19th September in order to provide the opportunity for the new uniform to embed.

A parents forum is to be arranged this term.



The school is currently fully staffed. One English teacher left at the end of last term, an agency replacement has been made, positive observations have taken place to date.

IEB Membership

John Grover agreed to approach a potential additional member to the IEB.

16/2015 Dates and times of Next Meeting

20th October 2014 4.00PM

24th November 2014 4.00PM

15th December 2014 4.00PM

There being no further business the meeting ended at 7.00PM