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Meet the Futures Student Leadership Team

The Futures Community College Student Leadership Team is a collective group of students who are both enthusiastic and committed individuals who are the voice behind the change. The Student Leadership Team is split into 4 different categories, these categories are designed to cover all aspects of what we, as a School are trying to accomplish in moving Futures towards outstanding. Our student leaders are keen, motivated individuals who are both passionate and dedicated. The team is made up of over 30 students who have applied, been interviewed by the Head Boy and Head Girl and trained in each category. The categories are as follows:

The Well-Being Team is made up of anti-bullying ambassadors and TREAD (team respect, equality and diversity) ambassadors. The
Well-Being team's role is to help ensure all students at Futures Community College feel safe and are happy and proud to be part of our school. All of our students have individual identities and this team is trying to, make sure students voices are heard and to ensure that changes to our school are made to improve it further to create a safe and happy environment. The Well-Being and TREAD team are currently working on a project which will transform an old classroom into a student friendly area which will be lead by the Well-Being and TREAD team. All students are welcome to visit this room during break and lunch time to discuss any concerns or worries they have about bullying and the general
well-being of student.

Our projects:

The Community Team are dedicated to get Futures Community College working within the wider community. The Community Team will be working alongside local businesses, charities, primary schools and Southend Borough Council which we hope will create more positivity within the local area. The team have already been discussing a few ideas and they are looking forward to completing these outreach projects and making a positive impact on the community. The Community Team have recently been involved in the nations 'Clean for the Queen' project, the UK's biggest clean up, whereby Futures students went litter picking along the beach of Southend Seafront.

Our projects:

The Behaviour and Rewards Team: their role is to ensure that Futures' students are rewarded for positive behaviour and to ensure that appropriate and realistic sanctions are put in place for those students who may not always follow the school rules. At present we have a Starfish rewards system for positive behaviour where students can cash in their starfish for a variety of rewards, such as Love to Shop Vouchers and Adventure Island tickets: this is an effective method of recognising students at Futures who are being successful. The team meet regularly as a group and are also involved in the staff group to provide student insight into the systems and how they could be developed further.

Our projects:

The Teaching and Learning Team: They will explore if Futures students know what good learning is, and how they can get the best from their lessons.  Their focus currently is to work alongside teachers and provide them with student feedback on learning and provide suggestions about how a Futures’ student could learn even better. They will be sharing good practice and ideas about how we can develop practice across the school. It is important that students at Futures know what good learning is, and how they can get the best from their lessons.

Our projects:

Team Projects