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Meet the T&L Team

Qualifications: BA (Hons) MTL, NPQH

T&L focus at Futures: Teachers have spent a great deal of time and energy improving their feedback to our students.  We have completed training, shared resources and ideas to ensure students here make good progress.  Aided by our Dedicated Improvement and Reflection Time (DIRT) strategy our young people receive regular, diagnostic feedback that aims to close gaps in their learning because they respond and improve.

Key priorities: I am working with the team at Futures to ensure that our young people are ready to learn with the mind-set and tools that allows learning to take place.  All students should be actively engaged by teaching that hooks them in and creates curiosity, encouraging them to think and question.  Our teachers are working with students to develop perseverance and not be afraid to make mistakes as this is key to their growth mind-set.  Teachers at Futures take place in continuous ongoing development and training. Colleagues continually reflect and as a result it is very much an open door environment where sharing best practice is common.

Steve Durkin
Associate Headteacher

T&L focus at Futures: I have also been involved with training colleagues to ensure they use data to plan for the groups of students in front of them.  Teacher awareness of students’ individual needs and tailoring activities and their teaching is a passion of mine.  I have also led training on the consistent use of behaviour management strategies across the school and that we are better as a team when we are consistent in our expectations, actions and words.

Key priorities: I am interested in developing colleagues to improve their practice.  I have been a facilitator during staff training and also a coach to ensure colleagues are teaching in the best possible way for our students.

Danielle O’Neill
Head of Department

Qualifications: Bsc (Hons) Sports Studies, NPQML

T&L focus at Futures: As part of the Teaching and Learning team I have helped deliver CPD on positive language in the classroom including the ‘Power of Thank you’ and remodelled the reporting procedure for students so they can have more personalised targets to help them succeed.

Key priorities: My key priorities in Teaching and learning include inclusive education for all, attitudes and barriers to learning.  Being a former Team Teach trainer I am also a keen advocate of de-escalation strategies and how they are employed in the class room and around the school.

Olly Jefferson
Assistant Headteacher

T&L focus at Futures:I have delivered training on the use of mastery statements as a replacement for levels.  In addition I have worked with colleagues to ensure that the use of data and assessment informs their planning which is a key priority for our school and to enable students to make progress.

Key priorities: I am interested in assessment and the use of data to ensure all of our young people make the progress they are able to and to then exceed where they thought they could be.  I work with colleagues from Pixl and others schools to ensure we are at the front of new ideas and developments to ensure, as teachers, we use every resource possible to pitch our lessons correctly.

Mark O’Flaherty
Associate Assistant Headteacher

T&L focus at Futures: I have worked with the T&L group to deliver training to all staff on positive behaviour strategies and positive language.  We have emphasised the power of “thank you” and ensured colleagues praise for what students do well rather overly focus on negatives.  As a practitioner I am constantly monitoring my approach to teaching and interactions with our students to ensure I am always “making the weather.”

Key priorities: I am particularly interested in Kagan learning.   This is based on learning tasks that promote teamwork and students experience themselves as being on the same side in the completion of activities.  In addition each student is responsible for their own contributions.  Kagan ensures that students participate in equal measure and that they students are in engaged.  I am keen to ensure colleagues include all students in the learning process so that all make progress.

Kathy Crooks
Teacher of Humanities